Letter of Support from Pee Dee Tribe
to Senator Quayle

To: Senator Frederick M. Quayle:


From: Chief James E. Caulder

Pee Dee Indian Tribe of South Carolina, A Recognized Tribe By S.C.

Sir, I ask that you support and vote yes on Senate Joint Resolution #152(sj152) extending state recognition to the Cheroenhaka(Nottoway)Indian Tribe. Chief Walt (Red Hawk) Brown and his people deserve to be recognized by the state of Virginia because they are Native Americans and they can trace their Heritage back to the 1600s and they only ask that they be granted the status of a Recognized Indian Tribe.

My tribe the Pee Dee Indians know what it means not to be recognized as Indians because we had to work years to gain our recognition and when we did get our recognition the pride in our tribe became even more stronger than ever before.

The Cheroenhaka Indians will also experience the increase in pride when they know that the Non-Native Community now see and accept them as for who they are, That Being true Native Americans.

Sir, I thank you for reading my e-mail.

Chief James E Caulder

Pee Dee Indian Tribe

of South Carolina